Septmber 2020: Review

Another month finished. The weeks are still flying over. September was a good month though, both financially and personally!

Firstly, and most important I had almost two weeks off work and in the middle of that was able to go away for a few nights. The good thing about being someone who doesn’t enjoy socialising is that I can still do the things I love without putting myself or others at risk during the pandemic.

I drove up to the ferry port alone in my own car and had to stay in my car for the ferry trip. During my stay I went into one shop with my mask, was the only one there (had no idea most shops there do half-day Wednesday, so there weren’t many people about!), then had breakfast at a tearoom, early in the morning where again I was the only customer and masks/distancing was observed. The rest of my time was spent out walking in the countryside or relaxing in my apartment, and it was lovely! Sometimes you don’t realise how much you need a break from work when you’re working from home all the time.

Obviously risk would have been avoided completely by not going away, but I feel I was as responsible as possible. I was able to contribute to the economy and UK tourism while also getting a well-earned break for myself. In light of the new rules this last week though, I’m not planning any new trips until next summer. I do have another trip already booked for November,  but will need to find out if that’s able to go ahead. It’s a trip I was originally meant to take back in April, but was postponed, and if I’m honest, I think I’d prefer to postpone again until next year, but we’ll see,

I took a whole bunch of photos on last week’s holiday, but the sun was shining so bright that for a lot of them I couldn’t tell if they were any good until I reviewed them later! In particular I got close enough for a perfect shot of a seal playing in the water, but because I couldn’t see it turned out looking like a blob! Three nights was not enough time to explore everything on the island, but here’s a selection – spot the tree swing that I had a cheeky go on, which reminded me of fun times with my Granddad as a child!:


In money news, I received a few more small dividends, which is always nice! Up to now I’ve been investing once a month plus adding small amounts here and there where I can (the beauty of Trading 212!). I’ve also been reviewing my portfolio every week and making tweaks –  mainly transitioning from individual stocks to more ETF’s – but I think I’m now at a stage where I can relax a bit and review less often, which is great.

My dividend ‘pay rates’ are increasing ever so slightly, as you can see below. I get a kick out of these small numbers because it’s going to feel so good being able to look back and see how far I’ve come. I’m even excited to see how the figures look at the end of 2020 – no doubt the increase will be tiny, but it’ll still be fun to compare it to my first month!

I’ve also switched my current account this month, which went smoothly and have been reviewing my budget now that my loan is paid off. Savings, savings, savings!

Next job: freedom from car payment! Stay safe and stay tuned… 🙂

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